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Our news updates page features reports on the activities of the BHL Landscape Group and developments in the wider landscape that may interest our clients and visitors to our web-site.


***As an established responsible SME employer BHL Landscapes in common with all such SME employers in Ireland was astounded at the government decision in 2012 to abolish the employer’s redundancy rebate – effectively the final coffin nail in the state’s deconstruction of a scheme intended to sustain both employees and enterprises. As an active citizen’s response to this and earlier irresponsible state decisions, Terry O’Regan M. D. of BHL has undertaken an in-depth study of the redundancy scheme 1967-2017 and has published a report that analyses the mistakes made by the state over some 25 years that has left the redundancy and insolvency scheme broken, dysfunctional, destabilising and destructive. Building on the state’s 2002 working group report and his own reports of recent years he has now published a proactive reconstruction report providing an explanation of past mistakes, a stark picture of the present and future damage arising from the deconstruction of the scheme by the state and a clear roadmap for the reconstruction of this potentially vital scheme; all of which provides the basis to bring all the partners to the scheme together in a working group to review the report and deliver an agreed reconstruction plan. To download your copy of the ‘Redundancy Scheme Reconstruction Report 2017’  CLICK HERE

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