Environmental Policy

BHL Landscape Group Environmental Statement

BHL Landscape Group Ltd. provides a comprehensive range of landscaping services including design, construction, aftercare, interior landscaping, consultancy services, and also operate a plant nursery facility.
Our Mission Statement clearly sets out our commitment to our customers and environment as follows:
‘We are committed to working in partnership with you, our customer, to create and care for your landscape in a professional, quality driven and cost effective manner demonstrating flair, knowledge, and management skills coupled with the highest level of environmental and safety awareness.’
The quality awards that we have achieved and the leadership we have given within the industry on safety and environmental issues are proof positive of the strength of our commitment.
We, in BHL landscape Group, believe that the protection of our shared environment must be integrated into the day to day procedures of the company, having equal and related priority to both safety and quality.

To implement it commitment to the environment, BHL Landscape Group Ltd. undertakes to address the following issues in particular.

To put in place procedures that ensure in all our activities we fully comply with current legislation on the environment.

Review our environmental procedures as required to ensure compliance with changes in legislation and notwithstanding same a review should take place at least annually.

Have account of environmental considerations in all management decisions, particularly those relating to forward planning and investment.

Integrate environmental procedures into quality and safety procedures.

Put in place specific procedure for recording all incidents that arise that might or do give rise environmental damage.

Assess the operations of the company in detail to identify the potential for environmental damage arising from same and this shall include pollution of soil, air, water as well as potential damage to the natural environment from sowing, propagation and/ or planting of plant material likely to constitute a threat to the quality of the natural environment.

To integrate into safety procedures of the Company the necessary emergency responses to accidental pollution.

To ensure that the suppliers of goods and services to the Company demonstrates a similar commitment to environmental quality and to encourage this by advising them of our environmental statement.

To actively promote environmental awareness among our staff, customers and the public at large.

Where necessary, to provide training and support for staff on environmental issues.

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